We envision a world where the value of an object won’t be signaled by a price or a brand anymore.
We envision a world where the value will be signaled by quality, uniqueness and human connection.

We believe that the future will be crafted by small independent artisans, with their brains, hands and hearts. We exist to give artisanship its luster back.

We aim at doing what we know best as Italians, and we cannot allow the world to lose.

Our mission is to connect people seeking unique high-quality goods with the best Made in Italy artisans, at a fair price. 

We search for the best unseen Italian makers, and unveil their creations. 
Through this journey you discover who, where and how each unique piece comes to life.

We group together the small Artisans and provide them the scale to compete with the giants of the industry, offering marketing tools and logistic support.

How We Work

Made With


Through hands we take, we give and we make. Through hands we connect to the world and with one another. As humans, we are what we do with our hands.

Our story begins with our founders

Martina and Ciro, two young consultants born and raised in Italy, were separately traveling the world while following big corporation projects.

They soon realized that Italy is recognized all over the world for its heritage and the ability of making beautiful, preciously unique things. But they also realized how difficult it was to truly find these products, to understand how they were made, and to get them at a fair price.

This is how the idea of MIRTA was born. Ciro left his company and got a MBA at Stanford, to discover the secrets of successful startups.

Martina took advantage of her stay through Asia to understand what people wanted, and what was stopping them from obtaining it.

They then realized that they needed a step further, so they came back to Italy, left their jobs and started looking for the best artisans across the country, eager to know their stories and give them a voice.

We are here to handmake the future. Thanks to technology you can see with your eyes how each piece of Italy is made and why it is unique in itself.

But we won’t stop here. We will continue to grow one artisan at a time, category by category. Let’s handmake the future together.

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